A life of learning and burning!

KetoWriter’s Ode to Bacon

Ode to Bacon by KetoWriter Bacon...no longer to be feared but revered; Bacon...you satisfy my cravings; Bacon...you have become my favorite fragrance; Bacon...you keep giving in the form of bacon grease; Bacon...you are a part of my life now and in my future;...

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Two Tasty Keto Meals

It's Been A While It has been a while since I have posted.  First off I had writer's block. Secondly, Tim and I traveled to see our grand-daughters (our son and daughter-in-law too - but as any grandparent knows it becomes about the grand-kiddos once you have them)...

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Move and have some Bacon

What About Moving (a.k.a. exercise)? When I first started on the Keto WOL I was not one to get up and MOVE much at all - I was rather sedentary. I lacked the desire and energy to do so. Weight loss was happening, which was great! I thought as long as I continued to...

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Great Keto Appetizer

What to bring that's Keto Friendly? Are you planning a party?  Attending a get-together? Have you been asked to bring a snack or appetizer to share at an event?  Here's a review on a quick and easy Keto/Low-Carb snack and appetizer for you to share. Recipe From: This...

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Turning Sixty-Five

In Ten Days... Today, I am 10 days away from turning 65. Sixty-five...Wow! Who would have thought? As I am turning six-five I got to thinking "I am only five years from 70." That is amazing! You don't think about turning 70 when you are young or, for that matter, 65....

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