I was born to be a “baker”. My High School Home Economics class is where I learned the skill and enjoyment of baking. I found that the joy of baking was not only delightful to my own taste buds but others enjoyed the things I created as well. Now, mind you, I am not skilled like some of the bakers you see on television, but I certainly can whip-up some delightful sweet treats from recipes. I am by nature a recipe follower, at least when comes to baking, and I do not stray off the beaten path very much. Now when cooking – on the other hand – I can come up with some great flavor combinations without a recipe, but not in my baking.

I loved to bake pies, cakes, cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls and one special cake (Carrot Cake) that is my sisters’ recipe (actually, she would tell you that it was her ex-sister-in-laws recipe). At one point in my life, I baked and sold pies as a side business. My largest order was 16 apple pies – that’s a LOT of pie dough to make and roll out and a LOT of apples to core, peel, and dice!

So how have I dealt with baking since I started on my Keto journey? How do I deal with the contradiction between baking sweets with all the sugars, wheat flour, and all the bad fats which are not allowed, and living a healthy Keto Lifestyle? I was only into the Keto WOL for 5 months at Christmas time last year and I was still educating myself on all of “the good, the bad and ugly” of sugar, flour, and fats. So, I did bake at Christmas time and gave everything away to neighbors and friends. I have also baked for others since Christmas – but not for Tim and me.

There are a lot of recipes on the internet that look good and are “keto friendly” that I could try but I really haven’t had the desire to try them out. A friend just asked me if I have made “Cloud Bread”, to which I answered “no”. One reason is I haven’t had the desire or craving for “bread” or any real baked goods, keto or otherwise. The other reason is that, because of my tree nut allergies, I would need to convert many of the recipes from almond flour to coconut flour. This is something¬† I haven’t had the desire to try to figure out: the moisture conversion which would be necessary for substituting coconut flour for the almond in a recipe.

I find myself so very conflicted when it comes to thinking about baking for others. I so enjoy programs like “The Great British Baking Show” and “Sugar Rush” or “Cupcake Wars” and many others. I enjoy the creations that they make and how creative the participants are. But when I think of all the ingredients that go into those bakes, now that I understand how unhealthy they are and how harmful they can be to peoples health, that is where my conflict comes in. I just can’t bear the thought of baking, like I did in the past, for others or myself and using all those ingredients that are so unhealthy. I feel like I would be giving them a poison apple. I am not the food police when it comes to what other people decide to eat when it comes to their meals or sweet treats – that is their choice, and if it makes them happy to do so, so be it. Pre-keto, I didn’t tell people they were “eating poison” when they ate their veggies such as broccoli or cauliflower – even though then I thought those were poison. This is a conflict I am having within myself “to bake or not to bake – that is the question”.

I am pretty sure I have come to the place of “not to bake” at least for now and until I really desire to do so and learn to bake treats that are “keto friendly”. I know I can learn because I have the skill to do so but I just have no desire. I am just plain enjoying the foods I am currently eating and have no desire to bake extra stuff unless we are talking about “Fathead Pizza” – LOL!¬† Please see my blog post titled “Do I really have to give up Pizza on the Keto WOL?” for the recipe for “Fathead Pizza”

So how will I deal with baking for others at Christmas this coming season? Well, the verdict is still out on that one. I so enjoy baking for others but I just don’t know. Maybe by Christmas time, I will have learned a few keto baked goods recipes that I can share with others.

So what ingredients am I suggesting are harmful to the body? From my ongoing education of the Ketogenic WOL I have learned that certain oils such a corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oils, and others are all inflammatory to our body. For more information on that subject please watch these videos: “The Most Dangerous Cooking Oils in the World” and “Which Oils Should I Cook With? And which ones should I avoid??“. Then there are all the wheat flours – and don’t even get me started on the addictive sugars that young and old ingest. Eeeek!

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