One of the favorite things I enjoy about the Ketogenic Way of Eating is all the good fatty meats I get to enjoy from tasty ribeye steaks to chicken thighs with the skin on it to a bowl of scrambled hamburger with melted butter and maybe some full-fat cheese on top – YUM!

Because of that, it has not been a far off thought for me when I first heard of the carnivore diet about a month or so ago. For me, it was intriguing because all you eat is “meat” or anything that comes directly from an animal; such as any fatty cuts of meat, chicken (thighs and drumsticks with the skin), pork, eggs, and full-fat cheeses, to name just a few.

When I first looked into it I thought, “Hey, I could do that!” I mentioned it to Tim and he thought I was a little “nuts-o”. The thought kept rolling round in my brain but it wasn’t anything I seriously contemplated. Then Dr. Ken Berry and his wife Neisha put out a challenge for people to join them on August 1st to “go carnivore” for that month. Well, it got me to thinking again about it. I did a little more research on it and contemplated the carnivore diet a little more.

Well, I came to the conclusion that, at this time, it is not for me. For one thing, I think I would be leaving Tim behind on the Keto journey that we have been on since last August. I don’t want to do that because we have way too much fun keto-ing together. We enjoy the meal prep – which most of the time – we do together, and if I was eating much differently than him it might be a loss of our enjoyment at meals. For now, I will stay on course and keto-on! Now, in the future, I might give it a go with the carnivore diet but time will tell. I have heard that there are benefits to going carnivore but time will tell if it is right for me.

Please note I am not promoting the Keto diet but only sharing my story and what I have learned.  If you are interested in the Ketogenic WOL or the Carnivore Diet I highly recommend you do your own research and make your own decision regarding what you will eat and what is best for you.

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