Answer:  No, you do not.  Although you cannot order pizza out you can easily make it at home yourself.

Tim and I love pizza!!  Before we went Keto we probably had take-out pizza 2 to 3 times a month.  Our favorite is pepperoni pizza.  So, I made it a priority to find a “keto friendly” pizza recipe, I knew there had to be one out there, because what’s not to like about pizza (unless you have a cheese allergy).

I found a lot of various recipes out there but I needed to stay away from recipes that called for using almond flour since I have a tree nut allergy.  We have tried a few different recipes: one that the crust was completely made out of cheese and another that the crust was basically a flat hamburger with sauce and toppings on it.  But we keep coming back to this delicious recipe called “Fathead Pizza Crust” made with 4 simple ingredients: cream cheese, egg, mozzarella cheese, and coconut flour.  Tim and I usually have two slices each since – when the pizza is cut into 1/8’s – we get two meals out of it.

For a pizza sauce*, we use this recipe. It makes a lot so we freeze the leftovers and thaw it out when we make our next Fathead Pizza.  You can use any toppings you’d like that are “Keto friendly”.

When I have been away from home and take-out pizza has been ordered I don’t get bummed or “go off the deep end” (outside of Keto territory).  I just peel off the luscious cheese and toppings.  I still get to enjoy my meal and the pizza taste.

*Please note:  Use the pizza sauce sparingly since it is higher in carbs.

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