Well, if you spend much time surfing the internet on the topic of Ketogenic ( Keto) Diet or on Facebook groups you are certain to come across a bunch of unfamiliar abbreviations and acronyms.  If you are my age or a bit younger we have already had to learn new abbreviations to be able to text with our children.  I still do not have them all learned but it is a skill I want to acquire both in the realm of Keto and texting.  For now, – just for grins and giggles – let’s go over a few of them for Keto.

  • BPC =  Bullet Proof Coffee – This is putting some type of healthy oil in your coffee such as a tablespoon of butter, coconut oil or MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides)
  • HF =  High Fat
  • HWC = Heavy Whipping Cream (always check the nutritional information since they can contain carbs)
  • IF = Intermittent Fasting
  • IR = Insulin Resistant
  • LC = Low Carb
  • SAD = Standard American Diet – it is a very sad 🙁 way of eating
  • SW = Start Weight
  • WOE = Way of Eating
  • WOL = Way of Living

This is just a short list so if you are interested in a much more detailed list please check out this link.

Here is one acronym I just came up with from the word BACON:

B = Breakfast or anytime
A = Approved for eating on Keto
C = Carb Free (most of the time but check your sugars on the label)
O = Oh my! It is so good!
N = Never enough (well, once you are keto-adapted you won’t able to eat more than a few slices at a meal)

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