You may be asking yourself “Why are your using an image of flames on your blog?” Or you may be asking yourself, “Why is the subtitle ‘A life of learning and burning’? What does that mean?

Before I started on the Ketogenic Way of Living (WOL) I ate a lot, I mean A LOT OF CARBOHYDRATES!  If it was a simple carb like grains, rice, pasta, cakes, pies, candy and all the other foods that I considered “good” then I ate them.  What I have come to learn is that I would eat those things and my body would scatch it’s proverbial head and say “What are we going to do with what she ingested?”  Well, my body did what it was created to do, it used what was needed for fuel but the rest of it would be stored as fat.

Once I left that way of eating behind, I started eating foods that are healthier for me – high fat, medium protein, and low-carb.  Once my body got into a state of Ketosis it started running on ketones and burning the fats I had stored up for a very long time.  It is like giving your car a better grade of gasoline.  So the flames represent the fact that I am burning a different kind of fuel which is much better for me overall.

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