Today, I would like to congratulate my husband, Tim, for completing his first year of living keto. He made another journey around the sun while doing it!

At first, Tim thought I was a little crazy for wanting to go on the Ketogenic Diet but it wasn’t too many days before he joined me. I think he was a little jealous of all the BACON I got to eat laughing. I am SO very glad he joined me on this keto journey – it has been a joy for us both doing it together. I think for us it was kind of an experiment because we had no idea what to expect. Tim followed along with me because he knew I had done my homework and I had been sharing it with him. Also, he joined me out of defiance since his doctor told him “No! That’s just a fad!”. Well, that brought out the rebellion in Tim towards his doctor and so he joined me on this so-called “fad diet”. I think he is very happy that he did.

Tim has lost over 90 pounds and has went from wearing a size 46 waist jeans to a 38 waist. He has needed to purchase 2 different sizes of belts just to keep his pants cinched up, as his waistline went down. His overall health has greatly improved – blood pressure down, no longer a pre-diabetic, more energy, better & clearer thinking and NO more GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) for which he had taken a daily dose of medication for over 15 years, and he has less low back pain. Below are “before” and “now” photos of Tim.

Tim is educating himself more and more on the Keto WOL.  At first, it was him just listening to what I had learned; but he needed to learn about it himself, so he has been. Tim is a very passionate person by nature and when he finds something that he “digs’ (you older folks will get the word “dig” – for the young crowd it means “to like, enjoy, or appreciate”), his excitement is very evident. If you ask him about Keto he will definitely tell you about it.

Tim and I cook together, look at food labels together, try new recipes together, learn together and encourage each other but the best thing we do together on this Keto road is WE HAVE FUN TOGETHER!

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