Today marks my one year anniversary of living the Ketogenic lifestyle. I am healthier than one year ago and the side benefit is I am thinner – down 76 pounds. I have learned SO much and continue to do so. Here are a few things I have learned over this past year:

  • The importance of educating myself, pre-keto, on the effects to my health with the way I had been eating most of my adult life – those put me at great risk of so many preventable illnesses.
  • The importance of ongoing education on my new keto lifestyle.
  • I don’t need to look at the clock to tell me when I should eat but rather listen to my body – when I am hungry I eat and when I am not I don’t have to eat.
  • I don’t have to be addicted to sugar and I certainly don’t need it to live.
  • Life is more fun when it does not revolve around food.
  • There are good fats and bad fats – I choose good fats such as:
    Fatty Meats, Eggs (both the whites and yolks) Full-Fat Cheese, Heavy Whipping Cream, Full-Fat Sour Cream, Full-Fat Cream Cheese, Butter, Bacon Grease, Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil (if only I could have it, but I have an avocado allergy frown).
  • It is not about the scale, even though I must confess I still use one.
    • It is about the inches that have been melting away.
    • It is about all the good things that are happening inside my body, like getting healthier, having more energy and endurance, and my overall attitude about my appearance.
  • I can learn to like veggies.

There are SO MANY more things I have learned on this Keto journey that I have been on.  I am looking forward to what this next year brings and what I know I will learn.

Below is a photo of me pre-keto and one was taken today.


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