I f you are 40, 50 or over I ask that you think back to when you were young and I ask you this question: “Do you remember a lot of people being overweight, fat, heavy, obese or morbidly obese back when you were young?”

I do not for the most part. Although I do remember one family down the street from us, when I was growing up, that were obese and I had a dear Aunt who was overweight as well.  My own Dad struggled with his weight but more often than not you just did not see very many people with weight issues.  Today, we see overweight people all around us, Tim and I can and could include ourselves in that realm (although we are making great strides to be out of the “overweight and obese” status).

Being overweight is not just a personal appearance issue it is a HEALTH RISK.  Both my Aunt and Dad ended up being diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetics and my Dad ended up on dialysis.  I was certainly headed in that direction as a pre-diabetic before I started on the Keto Way of Living.

Below, I wanted to share these two wonderful video resources for you to watch.

The first video (that I think is quite brilliant) was put out by DietDoctor.com.  It is titled “Is saturated fat bad?”.

The second is actually the first of a series done by Virta Health where Dr. Sarah Hallberg does an excellent job explaining how food affects our blood sugar and how changing the way we eat can either reverse Type 2 Diabetes or greatly reduce a persons need for medical intervention using insulin medication.  You can watch the whole series here titled “Reversing Diabetes 101 with Dr. Sarah Hallberg: The Truth About Carbs, Blood Sugar and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes“.

Please remember these are resources I have come across which I have found to be helpful in my own quest to be a healthier individual.  Please read my “Disclaimer“.

Is Saturated Fat Bad?

By: DietDoctor.com

How food affects blood sugar

By: Virta Health with Dr. Sarah Hallburg

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