Today, I am doing my first “KetoWriter Product Review”. I will be reviewing Outer Aisle Gourmet Pizza Crusts and Sandwich Thins (see the photo of products below). I had seen an ad for them on Facebook and thought I would try to find where I could purchase them.

I found them at A.J.’s Fine Foods, in Glendale, Arizona. I believe they are available at other A.J.’s locations in the Valley. So Tim and I took a short drive to our local A.J.’s and went in search of them. They weren’t necessarily easy to find in the store and we had to ask where they are located. The store employee didn’t even know the product but did look it up and found out that it was located in the freezer section. Actually, Tim had to show them a photo of the product before they even recognized it!

Both the Sandwich Thins (quantity 6 per package) and the Pizza Crusts (quantity 2 per package) were the same price, at $6.99 each (a little pricey).

Both products are made from 63% Cauliflower, Cage Free Eggs, and Parmesan Cheese. They are totally Gluten Free, Nut Free and are Paleo Friendly and Non-GMO. The Pizza Crusts have herbs Basil, Oregano, and Garlic which is a plus.

I tried a Sandwich Thin first. I melted Havarti Cheese on it. The Sandwich Thin was quite tasty but had a definite and distinct Cauliflower taste to it, which I did not mind. A year ago I probably wouldn’t have liked it very much because I was not a Cauliflower kind of a gal then – but I am now. Tim made a sandwich with two of the Sandwich Thins with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno havarti cheese, and salami with avocado mayonnaise. He enjoyed his sandwich very much.

Tonight we made pizza with the Pizza Crusts. We used the pizza sauce recipe that we use whenever we make Fat Head Pizza Crust, added mozzarella cheese and of course pepperoni. They baked up really nicely in a 425 oven in just 10 minutes. Wow, were they ever good! The herbs that are added to these Pizza Crusts definitely is a plus – there was no cauliflower flavor at all.

I would highly recommend both of these products (they are both Keto-Friendly) and we definitely will be purchasing the Pizza Crusts again. Tim wants to purchase the Sandwich Thins again.

1 Pizza Crusts: 120 Calories; 6g Fat; Protein 10g; Carbs 4g
1 Sandwich Thin: 50 Calories; 2.5g Fat; Protein 4g; Carbs 2g

You can also purchase both products at Outer Aisle Gourmet

How did you like my first KetoWriter Review? Please leave a comment below. (Especially if you purchase these and give them a try – tell me what you think!)


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