I have had several people ask me, recently, what Tim and I eat on Keto.  So I thought I would share a list I had made for someone a few months ago and also with some additional items added.

For one thing, most of the foods we eat are very simple and I would say to anyone wanting to try the Ketogenic Way of Living is to keep it simple – especially at first.  There is always time to expand your food menus and add recipes as you go along.

Here are a few go-to recipes:

Keto Bacon Burger Casserole – which I have only made a couple of times minus the pickles (Tim is not a fan of pickles).

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Spicy & Tangy BBQ Sauce – these are really good. We have taken them to potlucks and get-togethers.  Here is the link to the BBQ Sauce.

Fat Head Pizza with low carb pizza sauce – we love this pizza and sauce. We add extra cheese on top of the sauce and two servings of pepperoni. You could use whatever topping you would like. Just remember that if you veggie it up you are also carbing it up.

Crock Pot Low-Carb Taco Soup – this is pretty good

Crispy Chicken Thigh with Rosemary Butter – this is yummy, serve it with broccoli or cauliflower with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce or  Keto Cheese Sauce

Stuffed Peppers – this is one of our favorites

Low-Carb Crustless Taco Pie – this is really good

Keto White Chicken Chili – this is really good – Tim loves it. It can be kind of spicy so you might want to watch the jalapeno and cayenne pepper

Cream Cheese Pancakes – I love these! I cook them in butter and use one packet of Splenda when I mix them up. I eat them plain. You can leave out the sweetener and cook them up to wrap a hot dog in. I did that for Tim and he enjoyed it.

Like I have said we like to keep our meals SIMPLE.

Here are a few simple meals we enjoy:

Salads that might have:  romaine lettuce, spinach, tomato,  cucumbers, cheese, meats such as bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami and sometimes hard-boiled eggs.  For quite a while we were using ranch dressing (store bought) but now we like mix up our own fresh dressing for our salads.

Simple Dressing Mix (one serving)

  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • salt, and pepper – to taste
  • garlic powder –  to taste
  • dried oregano – to taste

Taco Salads made with higher fat ground beef scrambled with homemade taco seasoning, romaine lettuce, (sometimes with spinach added) tomato, cheese, sour cream, cilantro, and ranch dressing.

Many times I’ll just cook up (scramble it up) ground beef 80/20 or 75/25 with salt and pepper and then eat it just like that with 1 Tablespoon butter in it – YUM!

Lunches – simple again! Eggs and bacon are one of my favorite lunches.  We also like salami, pepperoni, cheese for a quick lunch.  Celery with cream cheese is yummy, too!

Of course, we love our Ribeye Steaks which we like to dip in melted butter with garlic added.

These are just a few of the things we eat and it is certainly not the complete list of what we eat; we are always adding to our meal ideas and list.



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