Maybe you are considering giving the Ketogenic WOL (Way of Living) a try but you are uncertain if you can afford it or not. You might ask “How much does it cost for the Ketogenic Diet?” The answer is, “No more than the healthy foods (low carb veggies & berries, satisfying protein, and healthy fats) you purchase from your local grocery store.” That is it, folks!

Believe me, I have been on all sorts of diets so I do have a little experience in the area of spending money on purchasing or joining programs, buying the program’s foods, buying weight loss frozen meals, drinking protein shakes and still needing to purchase the extra foods that go along with following each of these diet programs. Those dollars all add up real fast. Years ago I joined Jenny Craig and the cost of the meals was a hardship for our family. Plus we still needed to provide food for the rest of the family.

One of the best things about living the Keto lifestyle is that we do not need to buy anything special outside of what we can get at the local grocery store. You can choose if you go with grass-fed or organic or, if the only thing you can afford is the cheapest cuts of meat, regular eggs, the store brand butter, and non-organic vegetables and berries, you can still do Keto. I recommend watching out for the “sales” on the fattier cuts of meat to help you save money.

You don’t need to purchase endogenous ketones or special shakes. (Those are personal choices but you don’t need them!) You don’t need to join a program or a club, because there are many great resources, such as *, out there where you can find all the low-carb/ketogenic information and recipes you need.

As a side note, you will find you will save money because you will be eating out a lot less! However, you still eat out and “stay Keto”, but that’s a subject for another time.

Don’t be afraid of “entering the land of Ketodom” because you fear you will break the bank. Eggs are cheap but the cost of your health is expensive!  So you CAN Keto even on a limited budget.


*Although you can join to watch their extra videos and such, if you choose, you do not need to.


Below are two good videos by Dr. Ken Berry on Keto on a Budget.

Bonus Videos: Links to two videos by Dr. Berry that he mentions in the last video:

Red Meat Video
Processed Meat Video

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