The Winds

It is my hope you find this blog to be inspiring and encouraging as you travel down the road on your Keto Journey. My desire is that this KetoWriter blog is not just about the Ketogenic WOE because Keto is just a small part of who I am.

It is my longing that you will see how “fearfully and wonderfully” you were made by your Creator. Your body was created perfectly and as you learn how food affects your body, now that you are eating a healthy Ketogenic Diet, you’ll come to see and realize how wonderful you were made.  I have such a greater understanding of how my body works than I did a year ago and I am in Awe of my God in a much greater way.  So with that being said here is what was on my heart this morning to share with you.

This morning I was thinking about the song “How He Loves Us” and these words of the first verse:

He is jealous for me
Love’s like a hurricane, and I am a tree
Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy

Whenever we sing this song at church it takes me back to something the Lord gave me back on July 7, 2001, and thought I would share it with you all.  I titled it “The Winds

While I laid in my bed
All sorts of thoughts flowed through my head
I heard the wind as it stirred up the treetops.
My mind wandered and I imagined what it would be like
To be perched and nested in among the branches.
As the breeze passed through the limbs
I could feel the dance of the boughs,
As they swayed to the force that passed through.
The rustling of the leaves were as music to my mind, like a beautiful cantata
They were soft and gentle as they brushed my skin.
I could hear the sound of the wind chimes,
Which was soothing to my soul
Oh, what a freeing feeling I felt to be bending and flowing with the wind.
It’s calming voice whispered to me,
With so much to say like God talking directly to me
So quiet but yet so strong.
I had to get up from my rest to write down my thoughts
God wants me to live as though I am perched and nested in His branches,
To feel His breeze pass through His mighty limbs
He longs for me to dance with Him, trusting in His lead,
To flow to the heavenly music that comes from His throne
And to feel His soft and gentle touch and to know its security.
He wants all the trials in my life to be as wind chimes singing in the breeze
Soothing to my soul for He is in control.
Oh what a freeing feeling I might know
If I would bend and flow to the Winds of God.

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