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I had a Weight Watchers leader one time that would always say: “Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels” and “Good, Better, Best – Never let it rest till your good gets better and your better gets best.” I have never forgotten those phrases and probably never will. However, I would like to change the first one to “Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels – With A Side of BACON!”

Although those phrases that my WW instructor taught me have stuck with me for more than 20 years, the concepts that I learned in those meetings never did. What did happen was that my weight and Tim’s weight was like a bouncing ball – up and down and up and down. We’d cycle between losing weight to gaining weight. The weight losses were short-term yet our appetites and cravings were insatiable. Neither of us could wait till we reached our goal weights (which we never did) so we could start eating all the same garbage we did before the diet. Now you would think we would have gotten it “Hey, stupid if you go back to eating your old way you are going to gain the weight back.”. For some reason, we never connected the dots.

The reason why we never connected the dots was that our multiple “diets” we had been on through the years were all high carbs with tons of hidden sugars and low fat. Our bodies were not getting the correct kind of fuel and we had both become insulin resistant without even knowing it.

Along came the Ketogenic Diet and you can see the results, weight wise, so far. Tim and I have joked that by the time we lose the reasonable amount of weight we both want to lose we will have lost more pounds than the weight of an NFL LineBacker, which is averaged at 245 pounds. Together we are down about 185 pounds so far. The health benefits are amazing and we both have lost inches which really matter.

We don’t crave the things we used to eat, pre-keto – all the carbs.  Why?  Because we are finally satiated and our bodies are running on ketones.  Yes, we eat carbs – the good kinds – like leafy greens, lower carb veggies, nuts & seeds, and some berries.  We have found we just don’t need all those high carbs and packaged and processed foods we used to crave and run our bodies on.  That is FREEDOM!

So to summarize this little blog post I want to do some more tweaking on the second phrase that I learned all those years ago. “Good, Better, Best – Never let it rest till your good gets better and your better gets best – the Best Way is the Keto Way!”

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