Crispy Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings

Ever since I saw Rachel Dee & Ask Nurse Cindy’s video, on Facebook, I have been “Jonesing” to make these chicken wings. I found the recipe on for these delicious Crispy Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings.

Since I didn’t want to mess with the “flappy” wing part of the chicken wing I set out to find “drumlets” and I found them at our local grocery store. They were flash frozen so I had to wait a few days whilefrown they defrosted in the refrigerator.  I could almost feel my mouth salivating waiting for those little things to defrost.  They finally defrosted SO….

Monday night I made them!  It does take some time to complete the steps but it was well worth the wait of the defrosting and the prep.  I think I did something wrong when it came to the preparation of the sauce that you dip the wings in after they are baked.  My parmesan was kind of glumpy but between Tim and myself we got those wing drumlets coated with the gloriously buttery garlicky parmesan sauce.  Talk about Low-Carb and Keto heaven – well maybe not heaven but an earthy pleasure for sure.

Easy Keto Ranch Dressing

For some reason, I thought we would need to dip them in something, so I found a wonderful recipe for Easy Keto Ranch Dressing. Of course, the wings didn’t need any extra goodness, like this dressing, to dip them in. We had been wanting to make our own Ranch Dressing for some time so this was a great opportunity to give it a try.

I did dip my wings in the dressing, although they were great without the Ranch, Tim found no reason to. He actually used his serving of Ranch Dressing to dip his Pork Rinds in, which he enjoyed. I had some dip left over so I used it for some celery and it was great! I am looking forward to actually using this Ranch Dressing on a salad.

Final thoughts on both recipes:

I think you could tweak the wing recipe, as far as a sauce goes, after the wings are baked. The sky could be the limit as long as you keep it Ketogenic friendly.

The Ranch Dressing called for apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. I used lemon juice and it had a nice lemony flavor to it. I might try the apple cider vinegar next time to see if there is a big flavor difference. I also used Coconut Oil Mayonnaise, which seems to be thicker than regular mayonnaise, especially after refrigerated, so the dressing ended up pretty thick, but good nonetheless.


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