Recipe Experiment:

I took Rachel Dee’s Stupid Easy Coconut Flour Bagels and changed it up a little bit. When Tim and I were enjoying the last batch of Stupid Easy Coconut Flour Bagels Tim said: “I wonder how these would be if they were cinnamon bagels?” Well, I took up the challenge this morning, as you can see by the photo, and made a batch. I used Rachel Dee’s basic recipe but added:
1 tsp of Swerve and 1 tsp of “good old cinnamon”.

I must say they turned out wonderful! Tim enjoyed one – toasted – at lunch with some butter and I had one – toasted – with cream cheese. These little beauties toast up really nice and the cinnamon smell was wonderful. Now, mind you, with only 1 tsp of Swerve they weren’t at all sweet. I could have added more but I just didn’t want them to be overly sweet nor did I want to ramp up the carbs.

I might try adding some Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Chips to a batch sometime soon….so stay tuned for that experiment.

If you do your own experimenting with this Rachel Dee’s Stupid Easy Coconut Flour Bagel recipe please be sure to share it with me.  I would love to hear about your experimentation 🙂

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