Keto Metamorphosis

This past weekend Tim and I went to one of our favorite places here in the Valley of the Sun – we went to Butterfly Wonderland.  It is a magical place with thousands of butterflies flitting to and fro. We love walking around watching them fly and landing on plants, landing on the ground, landing on the sculptures, and sometimes they even land on you. Just sitting in the indoor rainforest conservatory gives one such a wonder as you think about God’s creation of the natural world in which we live, which He created for His pleasure and ours. It is amazing, to say the least.

During this visit to Butterfly Wonderland, there were two violinists playing Christmas music, so it made our time there even more special.

We hadn’t been back there since our wedding anniversary in 2016. It was at that time that we had our first “Butterfly Wonderland” photo taken with a “green screen” behind us. The “green screen” is what they use to do their photo magic and they added a tropical background with butterflies, of course. We were much larger then, as you can see. (I hadn’t even heard of the Ketogenic Diet as of yet, and I think we thought or believed that we were just “stuck that way”.) So since we were going there this past weekend we wanted to be sure to get an updated photo of us (in front of the green screen again) to have a comparison photo to see our metamorphosis. As you can see there is quite a difference.

We are ever so thankful for Keto – our new way of eating. It is not just about looking better – it is also about feeling better. We don’t hurt like we used to, we have more energy, moving and walking around is easier, and personally, I think we both look younger at 64 than we did at 62 years of age (but that is my personal opinion).

In a related theme, we were amazed to once again see the marvelous and miraculous metamorphosis that the butterfly goes through during its life cycle! In a way we are going through our own kind of metamorphosis, just like the painted nesting dollsHand Painted Wooden Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls we have all seen in specialty shops, antique shops, and other stores, in which each successive doll is smaller and smaller. We are being progressively re-born into successively smaller and smaller sizes, something that will continue until we reach the size and weight we are “supposed to be”. We are finding and embracing the balance that will help us carry on this lifestyle throughout the rest of our days.

Thank you, Tim, for being my editor for all my blog posts and for your contribution to this one.

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