I want to share these two important videos with you.

First off, prior to starting the Ketogenic Way of Living, I was totally clueless when it came to my A1C. Even though the doctors always told me it was concerning – it was never explained to me fully.  I am guessing that the average patient is clueless until they receive the dreaded diagnosis that you are a Type 2 Diabetic – that definitely would get one’s attention.

A1C Test Ranges
Below 5.7 is considered normal
5.7- 6.4 is pre-diabetes
Over 6.5 you are diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic

Pre-Keto my A1C was high at 5.8 with an estimated average Glucose (eAG) 120.  After 6 months of following the Ketogenic Diet my A1C was down to 5.3 with an eAG of 105.  I was feeling so much better and enjoying my new lifestyle.  I was seeing results.

This first video I have shared before – in fact it was one of the first videos I had watched when doing my research on Keto.  It is such a great video by Ask Nurse Cindy that I felt it was worth sharing again.

The second video is done by Dr. Ken Berry titled “What is the A1c Test? (What Does it Mean??)”  In this video he explains what the A1C test is all about and why you should be concerned.

Both of these videos are extremely important – please watch them both to have a better understanding of your Blood Sugar and A1C and how you can lower them naturally.  Always consult with your healthcare provider.

Ask Nurse Cindy – Lowering your blood sugar naturally

Dr. Ken Berry  – What is the A1c Test? (What Does it Mean??)

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