EWW! – Crisco Shortening

I recently watched this video that Virta Health posted with Nina Teicholz at OSU Food Innovation Center conference. I found it very interesting and educational regarding vegetable oils. I hope you will take the time to watch this thirty-five-minute video and that it will be helpful to your ongoing education, health, and keto journey.


 One thing that I have learned over the course of my Ketogenic Lifestyle is that not all fats are created equal, and certainly not all are healthy for my body.

When I think of things I used to eat (pre-keto 18 months ago), when I look back now, I cannot believe how unhealthy I was eating. I knew some were unhealthy but I did not realize how SO VERY UNHEALTHY others were. Actually, things that the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet recommends are more unhealthy for a person than one might imagine.

For years I baked and cooked with one of these unhealthy fats – Crisco. I fried potatoes in it, I baked cookies such as Snickerdoodles, pie crusts, banana nut bread using the BAD, UNHEALTHY Shortening called Crisco. See the image below of the unhealthy banana nut bread recipe I used to make – loaf after loaf. When the recipe called for shortening I used Crisco.  Although this banana nut bread is quite tasty – it is toxic.

The only ingredients in this recipe that I consider good (at least for me, now) are the salt, baking powder, eggs, and walnuts. The flour, sugar, and bananas are all high carbohydrates which means they all increase the body’s insulin level and inflame the body. The shortening is another whole thing – it is just plain unhealthy, highly processed, manufactured, unnatural, fat.

In my ignorance I used to cook and bake this way, but now I know the truth!

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