I thought I needed a catchy little name for my Keto/Low Carb recipe reviews so this is the name I came up with “In The Kitchen”. So I will be adding a new category to my blog: “In The Kitchen”. I plan on adding all the recipe reviews to that category so they will be easier to find.

Today’s “In The Kitchen”

I wish to apologize that I have not included any photos of these recipes but you will see what they look like in the links provided.

Chicken Lazone

For the main course, I have a wonderful and flavorful chicken recipe brought to us by The Low Carb Life written by Karly Campbell. This recipe is titled Chicken Lazone.

This recipe calls for thin cut chicken breasts.  When I made this recipe I only had bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs.  I thought, “Why not just use the thighs instead of the chicken breasts?”  To help cut down on the cooking time I thought I would give my instant pot a try to saute’ them and pressure cook them.  Obviously, the thin cut chicken breasts would take a much shorter time to cook than the chicken thighs.

Still being a “newbie” at using my instant pot, I did a little research and came across this Easy How-To: Instant Pot Chicken Thighs – Fresh – Frozen – Bone in – Boneless.  This was very helpful for me in making this recipe.

I followed the recipe step for seasoning the chicken thighs as directed in the instructions.  Using the saute’ setting on my instant pot I browned both sides of the thighs.  Once they were browned I followed the rest of the instant pot steps for cooking the unfrozen, bone-in thighs.  I cooked them for 10 minutes and then did a quick release.

While the thighs were cooking I made up the sauce for the Chicken Lazone according to directions.  Once the thighs were cooked I added them to the sauce and allowed them to simmer a bit.

These thighs were both tender, juicy and extremely flavorful.  They were a big hit – we both enjoyed them.  I served them with steamed broccoli.

The broccoli ended up being steamed in the microwave instead of making them in the instant pot. cry I learned a very important lesson – be sure you have the pot back in place in your instant pot before pouring water into it.  Thankfully I am not the first person who has done that and so I found instructions on how to deal with it.  I do not recommend doing this at ALL!

Two Quick & Easy Desserts

These two desserts are wonderful, tasty, simple and quick to make.  Both of these recipes are brought to us by Low Carb with Jennifer.

The first one is Keto Mug Cake – Chocolate or Vanilla!  I made both Tim and myself one of the chocolate flavored ones – using coconut flour – a few nights ago.  We were both delighted by how easy they were and how delicious they tasted – they definitely would satisfy any “sweet chocolaty flavor” craving.  I have a friend whom I sent this recipe to who has made these for her spouse and herself – one chocolate flavored (using coconut flour) and one vanilla flavored (using almond flour).  They both enjoyed these little cakes.

Dessert number two is Keto Chocolate Mousse.  Now I want to issue a WARNING regarding this recipe, not because it is dangerous or anything like that, but because it makes 4 servings and you’ll want to make it into 2 servings.  It tastes that good!   When I was making it I told Tim there is no way I am going to split this up into 4 servings because it looked so delicious – and it was!! Actually, though, I think making it into 4 servings would have been a better decision since splitting it in two really gave us large portions – more than we needed.  Plus there were no leftovers for the next day.frown Had we made it into four servings we could have enjoyed it another day. 

Last but not Least

This recipe is also brought to us by Low Carb with Jennifer.  I just happened to run across this one yesterday and thought I would give it a try today.  90 Second Microwave Bread 2.7 net carbs.  Yes, that is right folks – BREAD!  This is an individual bread serving, that is quick and easy.  Before Tim came home for lunch I made up this quick little recipe – with coconut flour and I used butter for the fat.  I was thinking I was making it for myself but I offered it to Tim and, to my surprise, he snapped up the chance to give it a try.   He made himself a grilled ham and cheese (two types of cheese) sandwich out of it.  I did get one bite, though.  He enjoyed it immensely.

Final thoughts

These recipes will all be in our meal line-up in the future.

Keto- On my friends!

P.S.  Please be sure to check the fat, protein and carbohydrate content for each of the recipes linked above. 



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