This photo was taken recently at Saguaro Lake along Bush Hwy outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  Such a beautiful drive and lovely scenery to behold (not necessarily our two mugs, however – LOL).

Tim’s and my weight loss has kind of come to a “stall”.  We bounce around a few pounds and we haven’t really made any weight loss progress in a while.  Tim has lost 100 pounds give or take those bouncing pounds and I have lost 96 pounds give or take those bouncing pounds.  The pounds seem to be elusive but we carry on, believing that one day they will be caught and we can shed them off forever.

We are not discouraged – we have come so far – and we so enjoy the Ketogenic way of eating.   Although neither of us took our measurements (our bad) back when we started in August of 2017 I believe we both are continuing to lose inches. A tiny measurement of inches is a good thing – fraction by fraction.

If you find yourself in the same place we are currently in – DON’T BE DISCOURAGED – KETO ON!

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