What to bring that’s Keto Friendly?

Are you planning a party?  Attending a get-together? Have you been asked to bring a snack or appetizer to share at an event?  Here’s a review on a quick and easy Keto/Low-Carb snack and appetizer for you to share.

Recipe From:

This recipe, called Keto Pizza Chips, is brought to us by PeaceLoveandLowCarb.com authored by Kyndra Holley.  If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you will recognize the name Peace Love and LowCarb since I have shared other recipes from her website.   

Keto Pizza Chips Recipe Review

I had read through this recipe the other day and gave it a try on my own without following the recipe and directions.  They turned out okay.

Yesterday, after Easter Church service, Tim and I wanted just a quick snack to have before we took an afternoon road trip.  So we decided to make these quick and easy Keto Pizza Chips, this time following the recipe and directions as written. 
Oh my!  My failed first attempt to make these off the top of my head tongue-out left tons of favor off the plate.  When I first made these I only used the shredded parmesan cheese and the pepperoni but if you follow the recipe as written it’s a whole different ball game altogether.   We enjoyed them greatly and we’ll definitely be taking these little chips as a snack or appetizer for future parties, get-togethers, and events.

Kyndra’s recipe mentions dipping the Pizza Chips in her Low Carb Pizza Sauce, which by all means you can do.  You can hold the sauce, as we did – we like them just fine without the sauce.  The sauce would add flavor but it would also add to your carbs.  We do use her pizza sauce recipe whenever we make pizza as I referenced in my blog post titled “Do I really have to give up Pizza on the Keto WOL?”

One thing I’d like to make mention about PeaceLoveandLowCarb.com

Kyndra’s recipes give you the opportunity to scale up or down her recipes x1, x2, x3 for larger servings.  You will find this ability at the top right of the printable recipe card right under the “Pinterest Pin Recipe” button.  I think it is an awesome feature of her recipes and website.  Kudos to Kyndra!


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