In Ten Days…

Today, I am 10 days away from turning 65. Sixty-five…Wow! Who would have thought? As I am turning six-five I got to thinking “I am only five years from 70.” That is amazing! You don’t think about turning 70 when you are young or, for that matter, 65. But 65 is what I will be in ten days. So, today, at 64 and 355 days I can say I don’t feel like I will be 65 – both in body or in mind.

Two years ago I could not say that! I was extremely overweight, tired, in pain, fearful of living a life of uncontrolled eating and cravings. My blood pressure seemed to be increasing, I was on my way to becoming a Type 2 Diabetic and getting around was difficult and unsightly (watching an obese person struggle to get off the floor – playing with grandkids – is not a pretty sight). I knew I took up too much space when walking around in tight spaces and others needed to pass by. I felt awkward within the body in which I seemed to have been encapsulated. The things I thought about…oh my! I had crazy concerns about getting older in that current body state such as “Do they have Depends for people my size?” Not that I had bladder issues or the need for Depends but I was full of “what if’s?”.

What’s the Difference?

So you may be asking “What is the difference from two years ago ’till now?” The difference is that I found (or, rather, I  should say that God answered my prayers and brought me to) the Ketogenic way of eating. Overall my health is far better than it was two years ago. I have more endurance, more energy, I have more freedom of movement, I rarely have pain in my joints, and the list of benefits goes on – benefits directly related to changing my way of eating. One of the BIGGEST benefits I have received is freedom from processed carbohydrates and sugar. If you were addicted to those things like I was you will understand the constant cravings for more of those things that never satisfy you and leave you wanting more.

You may want to consider

My keto way of eating and living might not be for everyone. I totally understand that. But if you find that you are controlled by the food you eat you may want to consider giving this way of eating a try – since you might be addicted to processed carbs and sugars. It is not you controlling your cravings BUT RATHER the cravings controlling you. If you are interested I highly suggest you visit to see what they say about eating low carb and the ketogenic diet. Also, you may want to check out Dr. Ken Berry’s YouTube channel on the how-to’s and what and what not to eat videos.

Back to turning 65

Back to turning 65 – I don’t feel old, I don’t feel like age is creeping up on me and I am looking forward, with great anticipation, of what the next five years will bring. I am going to keep drawing closer to my GREAT GOD and living the keto WOL.

Keto-On my friends!

BTW:  I haven’t been writing much because I was redesigning and updating our daughter Cassie’s Memorial website.  If you would like to visit her website click this link:


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