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Hello to my fellow Low-Carber’s and Ketonians!

Today, I have a few recipe reviews to share with you and one experiment of Neisha Berry’s pancake recipe.

Low Carb Pizza Casserole

pizza casserole

Pepperoni Pizza Casserole

This first recipe is from the LowCarbYum website titled “Low Carb Pizza Casserole – Gluten Free“.  This recipe is a delicious low-carb and keto casserole. Tim and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we give it a thumbs up. It definitely is a nice change from a “Fat Head Pizza”. It baked up nicely in our large toaster oven. It actually baked up faster in the toaster oven than it would have in our regular oven. I did not use Lisa MarcAurele’s pizza sauce recipe, I used the one we always use, which you can find the link here in my post titled “Do I really have to give up Pizza on the Keto WOL?“. I would definitely serve this recipe to guests, and even take it to a potluck.

Chocolate Fudge Mug Cake

The next recipe I am sharing is by Carrie Brown titled “Chocolate Fudge Mug Cake“. If you are craving chocolate cake that has NO types of flour in it than this recipe is for you – totally gluten-free (just be sure the ingredients you are using have no gluten in them). As a sweetener, I used Confectionary Swerve. The prep for this special little single serving chocolate cake is quick and easy and it bakes up in two minutes in your microwave. Please be sure to adjust the cooking time according to your microwave and note Carrie’s Top Recipe Tips on her recipe page. Carrie also adds baking time and temperature in her tips in case you do not have a microwave and you want to bake it in your oven. Be sure you use a nice tall microwaveable mug/cup to allow the cake to rise. When you remove it from the microwave you can either eat it right out of the mug or you can plop it right out onto a plate. Tim added a little heavy whipping cream to his cake and I put a slit in the middle and added 1 tablespoon of Lilly’s Dark Chocolate Chips to mine. YUM, YUM! Caution: just be sure you don’t allow this cake to become an addiction but rather enjoy it as a nice treat now and then.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Carrie Brown and her amazing story you can watch her speech from the 2017 Ketocon conference. The ketogenic way of living saved her life.

Our experiment with Neisha Berry’s pancake recipe

hot dogs

Hot dogs with Neisha Berry’s Pancake Recipe

We grilled some good ole hot dogs and we wanted to have some type of bun. I thought about making some Cloud Bread but neither of us is fans of Cloud Bread. So I thought how about taking the Neisha’s pancake recipe that I shared recently and make them without any sweetener. They turned out great! I am guessing you could use the same recipe for a hamburger bun.  Here is the link to my blog post for the recipe titled “Neisha’s Keto Pancakes with a Twist“.

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