What About Moving (a.k.a. exercise)?

When I first started on the Keto WOL I was not one to get up and MOVE much at all – I was rather sedentary. I lacked the desire and energy to do so. Weight loss was happening, which was great! I thought as long as I continued to lose weight I didn’t need to get up and exercise. For me (an obese person), the thought of exercise (moving and getting off my duff) was a dreaded word. It took too much effort, it was painful, uncomfortable and rather unsightly, if I may say so.

It Happened Naturally

But over time, it took a while, my body naturally started craving moving more. I started to have these strange desires of going for walks, riding my bike, and even doing housework became much easier.

The other day, it was windy and rainy – and so I wasn’t able to get out to go for a walk or a bike ride. So, what could I do that would get me moving and qualify as exercise? What could I do during the hot summer days in Phoenix, with temps well over the 100-degree mark? I would certainly need some type of activity – if I didn’t get up early for a walk or bike ride.

How about dancing, I thought? All I need is some upbeat music that I could dance around in the living room to. So I did a search on the internet and found the video below titled “Upbeat Music For Exercise For Women” (indie rock band & fun upbeat instrumental). The video lasts for around 27 minutes and there are no words to the music – just upbeat instrumental. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it worked for me and it got me dancing for 24 minutes. I had fun!

So I say….GET UP AND MOVE (when you are ready and able) and be sure to have some BACON!!!!!!

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