Book Review on “Lies My Doctor Told Me”

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This is my very first book review, so don’t hold that against me.

I was SO EXCITED to receive my copy of “Lies My Doctor Told Me – Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health” (Updated Version) by Ken D. Berry, MD this past Tuesday. I started out by just reading a few random chapters that interested me. Then I decided I’d better read the entire book – cover to cover – and I am glad I did.

Dr. Berry’s Approach

Watching Dr. Berry’s YouTube videos gave me some insights into what I might find in his book. His approach in the book is pretty much how he relates to his viewers in his videos. His direct, honest, and humorous approach of explaining misconceptions, false information, and the lack of transparency by those in the medical world (or by those who are just plain ill-informed) comes through in each chapter. His intent is very plain throughout the book – he is not trying to throw the medical community under the bus – not at all! But rather his purpose is to inform and educate the public as well as to challenge the medical community. Emphasizing that our trusted physicians must stay up to date with the latest research, studies, and ongoing education – both in their fields and outside of their field of expertise – is something which Dr. Berry does very respectfully. He wants patients to have very open, honest, and good working relationships with their doctors.

The Layout of Each Chapter

In each chapter subject Dr. Berry speaks to a “Lie” that both physicians and patients have come to believe as gospel as well as the following:

  • “Why You Should Care” (as you the patient)
  • “Support For the Lie” (how it continues to be held as truth)
  • “The Common Sense” (looking closer and into what is really common sense and not the lie)
  • “The Research” (if there is any to back-up the lie and any new or old research that debunks it)
  • “The Take-Home” (what you will learn and take away from the chapter)
  • “Do As I Do” (how Dr. Berry handles the said “Lie”)
  • “Homework” (list of books, articles and Web pages & blogs for further study)

All of these are so you can be educated and be informed for your next appointment with your physician.

27 Chapters

In the book, you will find twenty-seven chapters along with a Forward, Preface, Epilogue, and Index. Here are a few chapter titles to pique your interest:

Chapter 3: The Skinny on Fat
Chapter 5: Is Cholesterol Really Your Enemy?
Chapter 7: The Pyramid of Food Lies
Chapter 8: Exercise is Great, but it Won’t Help Much with Weight Loss
Chapter 11: There is More to Women Than Estrogen
Chapter 20: Fiber Is Necessary for a Healthy Gut
Chapter 21: Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer
Chapter 24: Eating Processed Meat Causes Cancer

I really enjoyed Dr. Berry’s chapter titled “Dearest Colleagues”. In this chapter, he speaks quite openly to his fellow colleagues and their responsibility as physicians. He writes, and I quote:

“We don’t do medicine. We practice medicine. This means we are supposed to improve as the years pass. Are you improving in the advise and counsel you give your patients each year? (Hint: Knowing lots of details about the newest, expensive Big Pharma pill is not a sign of getting better at practicing medicine.)”

Dr. Berry offers advice for Medical Students, New Doctors, Younger Doctors, and for Older Doctors – one of the pieces of advice he gives them is to keep reading. I appreciate that! Our doctors have a responsibility to stay up to date by educating themselves and not staying and/or getting stuck in the rut of a “one size fits all” type of approach towards their patients.

We as the patients have a responsibility to educate ourselves as well. We are our own best advocates when it comes to our health – Dr. Berry says,

“You have only one life.”

My husband Tim likes to use this quote from the Jesse Stone movie series:

“The information’s out there.  All you have to do is let it in”

Special Thank You!

 I would like to thank Dr. Ken Berry for his ongoing, hard, and dedicated work to educate the public and his patients and his work towards helping them live healthier lives.

I highly recommend this book!



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