I read a very interesting and compelling article from Psychology Today and watched the video within.   You can watch the video here or within the articles link.

If I could go back in a time machine to when our daughter Cassie was young – armed with information and knowledge about food and the effects on the body – I would do it in a heartbeat. But I cannot do that. My husband and I did the best that we knew how with very limited information to help our very challenging daughter. We made sure that Cassie was taken to counselors, a psychologist, and had more testing done than I can count on both hands – still with no answers. Diagnostically speaking, she “fell between the cracks” when she was young. We made a lot of ignorant mistakes. It wasn’t until Cassie was in her early 20’s that she was diagnosed with multiple mental health diseases. Had we known then what we know now we could have helped her as a small child, at least, with her emotional and mental health problems and difficulties.

Even if I could go back 15 years ago, with the knowledge I have now before she developed cancer I certainly would have spoken to her about changing her way of eating. Definitely, had I been armed with what I know now, I would have encouraged her and helped her to weigh out the pros and cons (of course I don’t really know of any cons) of changing her diet to a Ketogenic diet when we were caring for her in the throws of her cancer diagnosis. Of course, I wouldn’t have forced her to change, that would have been a decision she would have had to make all on her own. Had we know about our way of eating – now – then it may have been much easier for her to transition while she lived with us. She definitely loved her fried eggs in butter, bacon (if I remember correctly) and I know for a fact she loved STEAK. Since it is common knowledge that most cancers grow from sugars – whether table sugar or sugars that are in processed carbs – we may have been able to slow down her cancer growth and she may have lived a little longer. But again, I cannot go back and change any of that.

Would switching Cassie to a Ketogenic diet have helped her mental illness or her cancer?  There is no way of knowing since she passed away almost 4 years ago but I am guessing it would have. It has made a HUGE difference in our health and we have heard so many amazing stories from others of great improvements to their health.

It IS NOT common practice for most medical physicians to recommend any diet outside of the Standard American Diet (SAD) to treat most illnesses such as Psychiatric illnesses, cancers, type 2 diabetes, inflammatory illnesses, and the list goes on. More and more physicians are catching on but it is slow going.  But I truly believe that in the next 10 years or so you will see more physicians treating illnesses with the Ketogenic way of eating or (like Dr. Ken Berry calls it) “The Proper Human Diet”.  Maybe, just maybe one day we will see a reduction in many illnesses and diseases that are plaguing our society.

The Brain Needs Meat: Mental Health Benefits of the Carnivore

by: Dr. Georgia Ede

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