Meeting Dr. Berry at book signing

This past Tuesday evening, July 23rd, Tim and I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ken Berry at his “Lies My Doctor Told Me” book signing in Mesa, Arizona.  The book signing was at Half Price Books.  By the time we arrived, approximately half an hour before the event started, the space for the event was quite full.  Thankfully they were just setting up the last few more chairs they had so we were able to find a seat. 

Dr. Berry spoke and answered questions, from the standing room only group of people,  for around an hour.  The staff told Dr. Berry that this was the largest book signing they have ever had in the Mesa location.  It was great to hear Dr. Berry speak and hear the great questions from the audience as well as hear incredible stories of how changing the way you eat and think about food can bring healing to your body.  Dr. Berry was very generous in answering SO MANY questions – I think if they (the bookstore) had let him he would have talked for hours.

You can watch a video that was recorded by KetoGenesis Community Facebook group of Dr. Berry speaking.  Please pardon all the technical difficulties.  Make sure you turn up the volume on your device.

You can read my review of Dr. Berry’s book here.  Be sure to check-out Dr. Berry’s YouTube channel to learn how you can optimize your health by changing what you eat.


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Keto Gathering

I would also like to mention a little something about a recent meet up that Tim and I went to on July 13, 2019.  This event was put together for the Keto Phoenix Locals Facebook group, organized by Jessica Link.  It was held at the First Watch restaurant.  The staff was very accommodating to all the Keto Folks and their lower-carb requests.   I didn’t actually count the number of people who came but it was a very large group.  You can watch the video from the event on Facebook.  Amazing stories!!!

Looking forward to the next get-together.

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