Guest Post by Tim Mrva

Recently I heard a couple of leading figures in the Ketogenic Community speaking on the subject of “stalls” and what to do when you experience one. Another word for a “stall” is “hitting a weight loss plateau”. Most of the time, those describing a “plateau” or a “stall” speak of it in negative terms and think of it as something that must be overcome. Although I caught myself (at first)  thinking of the stage I am currently in on this Ketogenic Journey as a “stall” and even experienced some of the familiar negative feelings expressed by others, I eventually began to embrace it and couch the experience in terms of “happiness”. What did I have to be happy about? First, it was a little past my one year keto anniversary and I was down 100# from my initial weight. Next, my blood pressure was down, my triglycerides were down, and I was no longer pre-diabetic. My waist was within one inch of my waist size from when I was a senior in High School and I was feeling better than I had felt in years. My chronic indigestion was cured and my pain from thinning discs in my lower back was greatly improved, due to decreased inflammation. I was beginning to get compliments on my weight loss and people were beginning to ask me how I did it. If those results aren’t reason enough for celebration and happiness, then what more could I ask for?

It’s now a year later, and I am still oscillating up and down within a 3-5 pound range, holding steady at about the 100# weight loss level. I FEEL GOOD, and I’m enjoying wearing clothes that fit well and look good on me. I’m eating delicious, whole foods that taste great and I love. I have more stamina than I did two years ago, bending down is more comfortable and what used to be cramped airline seats for me are now much, much more spacious. Like I said, what’s not to celebrate?

So these days I choose to call the current stage I’m in, my “Happy Plateau”. I’m happy with the journey that brought me this far, happy with the results I’ve received so far, happy with how I feel and look, and I’m not worried about eventually getting to my goal weight. My health is better than ever, and when I think about the fact that better health is what this WOL is really about, I can stop worrying so much about what the scale says. I admit that, while my initial goal for adopting the Ketogenic Way of Life was for weight loss, my main concern now is just staying healthy.

So, in case you haven’t done the math, you might not know that today is my two-year ketoversary! I am looking forward to what the next year will bring, and – who knows? – I may just use some of those tactics I heard about to jump-start my next level of weight loss to arrive at my final goal.

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