KetoWriter Did You Fall Off the Planet? 

First I want to say, “No, I did not drop off the planet” – it has been a while since I last blogged. There are a few reasons, two of which are: I have been busy helping and working on some projects for Tim’s job, plus it’s Bible Study season again and so I have needed to be more focused preparing to help facilitate one of our Bible Study groups at church. 

Now onto the Adapt Your Life Phoenix Conference 

This past Saturday, Tim and I attended the “Adapt Your Life” Phoenix conference in Tempe, Arizona. This was our first Keto Low Carb conference. We both were looking forward to listening to all the speakers on the agenda, because they each offer a slightly different perspective on the Keto Lifestyle. Probably the most well known Keynote Speakers were Dr. Westman and Dr. Nally.

Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Eric Westman, MD MHS from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is the co-founder of Adapt Your Life, Inc. Dr. Westman treats and counsels his patients with the Keto Low Carb way of eating. He has over 15 years of clinical and research experience in this field. Dr. Westman travels all over the United States and other countries teaching, at conferences, about living a low carb lifestyle. He is a warm, funny and caring man who wants others to be able to improve their health through what they eat. When we met him one of the first things he asked us was, “How can I help you?” His particular topic during his talk was “The Therapeutic Benefits of Low Carb Lifestyle Based on the Science and Research”. 

Dr. Adam Nally

Another speaker we were very excited to hear was our own Dr. Adam Nally from right here in the Valley of the Sun. Dr. Nally has a general medical practice in Surprise, Arizona and is an obesity specialist. He has followed the Ketogenic way of eating for around 20 years and has been using this lifestyle to treat his patients and successfully has helped many of his patients reverse their Type II Diabetes. Dr. Nally is a passionate physician and enjoys sharing with the general public via his website  as well as his YouTube channel regarding Keto Low Carb Lifestyle. His topic at the conference was “Ten Fundamental Truths in the Treatment of Obesity”, which was excellent by the way.

Other speakers from around the Phoenix area who spoke:

  • Dr. Mona Morstein: “The Keto Diet and the Intestinal Microbiome”
  • Dr. Dorothy Sears: “Health Benefits of Food Intake Timing/Time-Restricted Feeding”
  • Dr. Ben Bocchicchio: “The Benefits of Sustaining a Low Carb Diet Longterm”
  • Dr. Helen Hilts: “Diabetes and Prediabetes: Bears, Poison, Plastic and Slow Roasting.” Dr. Hilts presented on a very interesting topic. She was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 and since she eats very low carb she has not needed any medication. You can read more about her here.
  • Dr. Philip Wazny: “A Hormonal Potpourri of Ketogenic Diet Benefits”

All the speakers were excellent!

Two Local Success Stories

The first one was by Jessica Link who heads up the Facebook group KetoGenesis and also is the head Administrator for the Keto Phoenix Locals Facebook group.   Jessica has overcome her obesity and other health issues via the Ketogenic Diet.
I wish to thank Jessica from the bottom of my heart for spearheading getting the Adapt Your Life conference to come to Phoenix. Also for all those who worked hard and diligently to help pull it all together. A BIG Thank You to you all!

The other Success Story was by Kim Minert. Both her husband and she are diabetic and they both live the Low Carb Lifestyle. Her website is DeRail Diabetes and you can read more about her and story here.

Lose Weight – Improve Your Health – Regain Control 

At the end of the day, 5:30 pm (the day had started at 9:00 am) Dr. Eric Westman spent an hour going over the Keto Low Carb diet. He did it as if he had a group of patients in his clinic instructing them how to start on their new way of eating. Yes, there were many questions and he answered each one with a great sense of humor and patience. He gave each participant a 20-page diet manual to take home, a very generous thing to do. 

Inspiring Others

Along with us that day was a friend from church whom we invited. He is a Type II Diabetic and by the time the conference was over after listening to the list of speakers he was ready to try this new way of eating. Of course, we advised him to make sure he was under medical supervision.

Having the opportunity to help someone get healthier is a wonderful gift and blessing!

If by any chance an Adapt Your Life Conference comes to your town I really encourage you to go – it is so helpful and inspiring!

A Few Photo’s from the Conference


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