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It has been a long while since I have blogged. I am guessing that you all have not been waiting with bated breath for a new edition of a KetoWriter blog post but I could be wrong. I do apologize for my absence but life happens with travel, busyness, sickness, lack of time and creativity. No excuses – just real life.

Kauai Anniversary Trip

In October Tim and I traveled to the island of Kauai to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. We had gone to Hawaii for our 25th Anniversary but it wasn’t as celebratory as we would have liked it at the time because our life and relationship was much different. With the arrival of our 40th Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate our life and relationship and all that God had done in us both, so we wanted our 40th to be extra special. God is a God of miracles and our marriage is living proof of that. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that? Enough of that.

tim and cindy in 2004

Celebrating 25 years of marriage in Hawaii – 2004

As you can see by the photos we were different looking people back on our 25th Anniversary trip, both much larger and we had no control over our appetites.

much larger cindy 2004

2004 Trip to Hawaii

Hey, You’re On Vacation

Some might say, “Hey, you’re on vacation, relax, eat whatever you want.” No, we could not do that this time around. We stayed at Banyan Harbor Resort on Kauai where we had a condo with a full kitchen so we planned and knew what we would eat. We purchased Keto-Friendly foods – ribeye steaks from Costco (to grill), and all the essentials such as eggs, bacon, butter, heavy whipping cream, ground beef, cheese, etc from the local grocery market. I made sure I took the dry ingredients to make Keto pancakes while we were there, so we only needed to purchase the cream cheese and eggs. We also purchased foods we could take for picnics on the beach and the road as we enjoyed all the beauty of Kauai while remaining on keto. When we went on our dinner cruise we stayed away from the carbs as much as possible – you can’t always choose what you will have on those types of exclusions but you can make the better choices – which we did. Even the few times that we did eat out we ate as low carb/keto as we could – except for two times.


We met a very nice couple in Kauai and we went out to dinner with them. I had in my mind that I was going to have grilled shrimp but the restaurant that the couple choose did not have grilled shrimp so I did order Fish & Chips and I enjoyed every single bite of it. Tim ordered the same thing.  It was nice walking away from the restaurant knowing that I had full control over the choice I had made and that the food I ate did not control me. That is a VICTORY!

True confession here: the last day we were on the island we went out and ate – and the meal was keto but we indulged and had dessert. The dessert we shared was a delicate banana ice cream pie that had peanut butter and chocolate on a cookie crust. See photo of the partially eaten pie.

banana ice cream pie

Banana Ice Cream pie partially eaten

BTW we finished it and we had no regrets. Again, although we indulged we still call it a VICTORY because it did not cause a spiral break down into a carbohydrate abyss that once would have been the norm in our life.

Couldn’t Have Done That in 2004

We were very active throughout our whole anniversary trip. We did a lot of walking, we rode bikes along part of the Kauai coastline, we did a little swimming, and we “SUPERMAN-style” ziplined – which we would both do, again, in a heartbeat. – along with many other excursions. It was an amazing trip. One thing I would like to mention here is that there was NO WAY I could have climbed the four flights of stairs, back in 2004 on our 25th-anniversary trip, that was first necessary to climb to descend the 4,000-foot zip line which we experienced on this trip.

Lush Living

Ask Nurse Cindy has an acronym that she likes to use, she calls it LUSH LIVING
L – Lower Carbs
U – Up your Fat
S – Eat Sustainable, Satisfying Protein
H – For a Happier and Healthier You

Throughout the past few years that is exactly what Tim and I have been doing and it certainly has led to the “H” in her acronym. Have we done it perfectly – NO – but our physical bodies have made leaps and bounds in improvements from our former carb addicted selves. We continue to live “A life of learning and burning!“, just like this blog “tagline” says.

We continue to learn from pioneers in the Ketogenic world such as Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Adam Nally, Ask Nurse Cindy, Dr. Ken BerryDr. Annette Bosworth, and so many others who are braving the establishment and going against the grain in the medical community to help change and save lives. We are thankful to them all! We continue to stay low carb and sometimes carnivore so our bodies will continue to burn fat and run on ketones. It is LUSH LIVING!

Just want to say…

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t KETO on vacation – you can!  You don’t have to let a trip dictate what you put in your mouth.  I will not even suggest if you are new to eating this way that you indulge in eating non-keto meals or be tempted to have desserts.  Had we been newbies in the Ketogenic way of eating I wouldn’t have done it and at the time I was wondering what ill effects it would have on me physically and if I would spiral out of control.    So please be cautious!  I had an old WW leader that used to say “A moment’s pleasure on the lips is a lifetime on your hips.”  It is not about the food, it is about who you are sharing the vacation with, the sights and the sounds of where you are.  Live in the moment and remember it is all about a Healthier You!

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