Covid-19, Cholesterol, Keto, & Hope


People all around the world are facing this virus. It is not a political issue, it is not just one nation’s problem; it is a WORLD pandemic. We should all be concerned for our neighbors no matter where they live and no matter who they are. We are all at risk. In the United States, both state and federal governments are working hard to keep us safe from this virus getting more out of control than it already is. If you are in the U.S. please, please follow the federal and state guidelines to help keep you and others safe. If you are reading this and you are in another country, please do your best to keep your families safe from this virus. Please read the Hope section of this post.

Oh, the dreaded fear of Cholesterol! & A Much Watch Video

A little bit about my Cholesterol Story

What will a Ketogenic Diet do to my Cholesterol and health? Will I be at a greater risk of a heart attack?

Quite truthfully these are questions I have asked myself over the last 2+ years of keto. I didn’t give these questions much thought as I started on my journey even though I had researched and researched the ketogenic diet before I even started. I had read and watched videos that some individuals reported LDL levels elevating after being on the diet.

Over the course of the 2+ years, my A1C has dropped from 5.8 to last testing 5.0 (no-longer pre-diabetic), my triglycerides went from 233 to last testing of 77. My HDL (the good cholesterol) has come up from a low of 50 to 68 – which is good for me. It has been my LDL level that was of concern to my former PCP. Believe me, I do take it seriously.  Learn more about Cholesterol here.

Before I started Keto I was a pre-diabetic. My LDL Cholesterol was 114 and my last testing it has gone up to 270. My previous PCP (who was not a fan of keto when I started and I’m still not sure if she is a fan) immediately wanted me to go on a statin drug. I said “No!” First I wanted to have the following tests done: NMR LipoProfile and a CAC Score. Both of these tests were ones that I requested be done – it wasn’t my physician that requested them, it was me! You have to be your own medical advocate! After getting my results back, my former PCP requested I see a cardiologist. Indeed the results were not stellar and if you look at them through the eyes of the current standards you would say I was at a great risk factor for a heart attack. I still was not convinced that a statin drug was right for me – it has to be a personal choice. I saw the cardiologist, she ordered an echocardiogram and we spoke about my reluctance of taking a statin. I had the echo done and it came back fine and I followed up with the cardiologist. She still encouraged me to take a statin but she heard my objections and said it was a personal choice one that only I could make.

Sometime along the way – I can’t remember where it all falls in the timeline – I had a LifeLine Screening done. During screening my Carotid Artery came back “normal” and C-Reactive Protein (an inflammatory marker) came back “normal”. These were all good.

I am really not worried about it at all, especially after watching the above video between Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Nadir Ali (Cardiologist). Plus I now have a new PCP, as you will read about below. I have confidence that he will give me great medical advice without Cholestrol’s fear-mongering.

Please remember that these have all been my own personal choices you need to make your own.  Do not do as I do – do what is best for you.

Onward with Keto

Tim and I continue to live the Keto lifestyle. We have some challenges and are at stalls right now but that is okay. We switched healthcare providers this week. We are now seeing Dr. Adam Nally, D.O. for our PCP. He is all about the Keto lifestyle. We are looking forward to our health journey with him on our side. If you know his website you’ll know he is all about Keto and Low Carb. “PASS THE BACON!”

Hope – The Greatest HOPE for our world

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ remember “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…” Psalm 46:1-2a.

If you do not yet know Jesus and you find yourself scared by this virus and fear that you will lose your life from it and you feel like you have no hope, allow me to suggest that you consider turning to Jesus.

Way back in the Garden of Eden, a much more deadly virus (an eternal virus) came into the world by the choice of two people (Adam & Eve). But God in Heaven (who is perfect in every way) already had a cure in place for that virus. That “eternal virus” is called Sin (it is sin that separates man from God). That cure was the sacrifice of His One and Only Son, Jesus the Christ (Messiah). Jesus is the only one who can bridge that gap between God and man and He is the only one who can cure you of eternal death (separation from God). The virus of SIN is far more deadly than any pandemic that has ever struck this world of ours. The reason it is more deadly is that it separates you eternally from God and from living beyond this earth in heaven.

Death from this current virus is a reality and a possibility for many but not all. However, because death is certain in this world no matter the cause, you cannot social distance it away nor can you self isolate it away. You can walk down the street and fall over with a heart attack. Death is certain. What I am asking you to think about is whether or not you are ready to face it or not. Maybe you are thinking “I thought there was supposed to be the HOPE in this section of your post?” Well, there is, and that HOPE is JESUS and His resurrections from the grave. Please, PLEASE, accept God’s cure from the eternal pandemic of sin. Please read my post titled “Will you open up the Treasure Chest? – Part 2” and be sure to watch the video at the end.

Far Greater Importance

Even though the Cholestrol video, above, is important for your overall health, the video at the end of my “Will you open up the Treasure Chest? – Part 2” is of far greater importance since it will change where you will spend eternity!

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