A life of learning and burning!

The Keto Metamorphosis

Keto Metamorphosis This past weekend Tim and I went to one of our favorite places here in the Valley of the Sun - we went to Butterfly Wonderland.  It is a magical place with thousands of butterflies flitting to and fro. We love walking around watching them fly and...

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Have Keto – Will Travel

For the past few weeks, Tim and I have been doing a lot of traveling and visiting family. You may be asking "So how did that go traveling and visiting relatives being on the Ketogenic Diet?" Well, for the most part, we both decided to NOT "throw caution to the wind"...

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I was “Sick and Tired”

Sick and Tired Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling you are poisoned by all the "junk" you are eating? I certainly was, one year and over three months ago, just prior to starting the Ketogenic diet. I started thinking of all the...

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Becoming “normalized” via the Keto WOL

Normalized The definition for normalized - "bring or return to a normal condition or state" Today, I realized something as I sat down in a bathroom stall - I thought to myself, "it is so nice becoming normalized." See, for years, I was almost fearful of using a public...

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